Tips for Good Attendance

The most challenging part of The Melchizedek Project is recruiting young men to attend. Getting them there is 90% of the battle. Here are some ideas for improving attendance

  1. While promoting the program, stress that “every good, young, practicing Catholic man who loves Jesus Christ and His Church should spend some time discerning priesthood.”
  2. The more points of communication, the better. Personally invite men to attend face to face, followed by an email, followed by Facebook messages, followed by a phone call to remind them when it is, followed by a text message the day of the meeting. This is the only way to keep students accountable!
  3. Stress that simply learning good information about priesthood and discernment will make a man a much better, well-informed Catholic and give him a greater appreciation for the holy priesthood, even if he himself is not called to become a priest.
  4. Stress that if a man is called to marriage and family (which is most men, statistically speaking), having good information about priesthood and discernment will help him as a father to help his own sons discern their respective vocations. (This idea of “handing priesthood down to the next generation” really takes the pressure off and frees many men to feel more peaceful about attending a group).
  5. Give Jesus seven sessions to learn about discernment and then “go in peace.”
  6. Free food at every session! This is very important.
  7. Perhaps offer a “reward” for those who make it through the 14 sessions; like a trip to visit a seminary.
  8. Lastly, it’s very helpful to have a responsible student leader help you remind men before every session.